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Why You Should Attend to...
  • Key experts in the battery industry, including OEM suppliers for battery production, pack manufacturers, end users, experts and recycling experts will discuss new chemical materials and manufacturing technology, battery parts and regulations such as recycling and reuse, and innovative technologies to come in the future, and share the relevant information.
  • To provide the information on technology trends and business strategies in the global battery market
  • To provide market forecast data according to forecasts of major countries related to global battery consumption
  • To provide information sharing opportunities between decision-makers in the battery manufacturing value chain and electric vehicle manufacturers
  • To provide next-generation fast charging solutions and information on technology development to support electrification
  • To provide in-depth information on strategies, industry prospects, and competitive analysis of key companies leading the global battery industry
  • To introduce latest technology on low-cost, long-life, high-spec energy battery development
  • To introduce technology innovation and know-hows for special EV battery commercialization
  • To introduce cost reduction and sourcing strategies of battery manufacturing companies, and strategies of parts and materials suppliers
  • The investment value of batteries and related industries as predicted by securities companies and analysts
  • To provide networking opportunities between battery manufacturers and parts and materials suppliers
  • To provide investment value information for batteries and related industries forecasted by securities companies and analysts
  • The investment value of batteries and related industries as predicted by securities companies and analysts
Main Exhibition Items
Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries
Secondary Lithium Ion Batteries, All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries, Nickel Hydrogen Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Air Batteries, Power Storage Systems, Electric Double Layer Capacitors, Other Power Storage Technology, etc.

Production and Manufacturing Equipment and Ancillary Facilities
Electrode Manufacturing Devices, Pulverizers, Agitators and Mixers, Dryers, Compressors, Cutters, Punching Machines, Electrode Assembly Devices, Electrode Plate Wire Devices, Electrode Lamination Devices, Electric Drive Systems, Temperature Controllers, Electrolyte Injection Devices, Seal Devices, Laser Welding Machines, Battery Assembly Devices, Charging Devices, Metal Foreign Body Removal Devices, Dust Collectors, Dehumidifying Devices, Dust Removal Equipment, etc.

Battery Management and Recycling systems
Battery Management Systems, Battery Maintenance IC, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Heat Dissipation Component Materials, Heat Protection Technologies, Circuit Design Tools and Services, Battery Case Packs, Environmental Protection Systems for Batteries, Recovery Treatment Technology, Battery Recycling Solutions and Treatment Equipment, etc.

Energy Storage Batteries & EPC
Energy Storage System parts and Peripherals, Home/Industrial Energy Storage Systems, etc.

Development of Components and Materials
Cathode Materials, Anode Materials, Electrolytes, Solid Electrolytes, Separators, Binders, Various Raw Materials, Electrode Materials, Tags, Battery Case Materials, Insulation Tubes, Material Informatics, Data Analysis Services, CAE, Contract Analysis Services, R&D Services, Consulting, R&D Equipment, etc.

Evaluation, Measurement and Inspection Equipment
Injection Measurement Equipment, Charge¡¤Discharge Test Equipment, Insulation Testers, Life Test Equipment, Impedance Measurement Instruments, Safety Evaluation Equipment, And Other Inspection, TEst and Evaluation Equipment, etc.

Charging Infrastructure Systems
Home AC EV Chargers for Heavy EVs, Commercial AC EV Chargers, Standtype High-speed DC EV Chargers, Walltype High-speed DC EV Chargers, Split High-speed DC EV Chargers, EVCC Communication Controllers, EV Charging Stations, Cloud Management Platform Systems, etc.
Main Attendees
¤ıSuppliers for EVs, hybrid cars, OEMs, etc.
¤ıCompanies related to the development of EV value chain-related technologies
¤ıBattery design and R&D-related companies
¤ıCompanies related to the supply of battery parts, materials, production equipment, etc.
¤ıElectric and electronic companies related to battery manufacturing
¤ıCompanies related to energy distribution, storage, utilities, etc.
¤ıCompanies related to aviation and chemical materials
¤ıCompanies related to the supply of industrial materials
¤ıCompanies related to renewable energy production, supply and installation
¤ıCompanies related to test & inspection equipment
¤ıCompanies related to the supply of production equipment, drive system automation solutions, etc.
¤ıNetwork operation-related companies
¤ıVenture capital & investment companies
¤ıCompanies related to government agencies, institutions, local governments, etc.